Waste Water Treatment Plant

Packaged Wastewater treatment plants are portable and economical units that are used to reduce domestic wastewater (which can also be used for industrial wastewater in some cases) by aerobic bacteria.

Advanced process technology in packaged units ensures excellent performance even in variable flow and pollution conditions, which is a major problem in small-scale treatment plants.

This technology gives the unit the power to comply with tomorrow's standards as much as it is today. By recycling municipal wastewater using water, businesses, institutions, and organisations have a significant responsibility for saving our natural resources to future generations.

Designed for domestic biological wastewater, these units are designed to fully automate the mechanical system with PLC automation system of advanced process technology which is defined as SBR.

All production stages are produced with computer-aided calculations, and the Rielli package wastewater treatment plants have the aesthetic appearance. The main automation of each part of the system produced with the latest technology is Rielli Biological wastewater unit. Everything in the system is designed to be long lasting and useful.

Rielli package wastewater units are under service and maintenance guarantee for 2 years. In addition to the operational simplicity of the wastewater treatment systems, the recovery rate is above the market and this gives confidence us for 28 countries through export. It has a wide range of uses for example mass housing, factory villages and municipalities.

Advantages of using Rielli Biological Pack Type Waste Water System

Water and Power Saving
Recovery options
Operational Convenience
Long service life without problems