Submerged Ultrafiltration Systems

Different from the pressurized plants, Rielli submerged ultrafiltration plants operate as they are submerged in the water to be treated. The permeate water produced by suction just as it is in the MBR process.

Unlike the MBR plants in this process a biologic reaction doesn’t take place. High turbidity raw water is filtered through the membranes by a vacuum of only 0,1 – 0,2 bars. Therefore the system's power requirement is very low. As the membranes operate outside-in and remain in the pool uncovered, the system operates without needing any pre-filtering even in high turbidity and SS levels.

More economical than conventional ultrafiltration plants for especially high capacity systems, membranes used in Rielli submerged ultrafiltration plants are manufactured using the reinforced PVC technology which is still owned by only a few manufacturers around the world.

Rielli submerged type ultrafiltration plants using with cutting edge technology are designed by our engineers using a dedicated software and considering the requirements of the user, including parameters in raw water analysis, required treated water flow andquality, recycling possibilities and etc. While the software calculating all possibilities guides us to design the best suitable plant in terms of investment and operation expenses; it is our engineers' experience that allows to design and apply the perfect fit for your project.

As in all treatment processes, especially in ultrafiltration plants, we are aware of the importance of understanding correctly the users’ needs and therefore suggesting them the best suitable solution for their investment and operation needs. When we offer a Rielli ultrafiltration plant to our clients, it is our principle to ensure that the water produced has the same quality during the entire service life of the plant and the operating costs are kept lower than the alternatives.