Rielli Smarty
Rielli Smarty Ultrafiltration Membrane Ultrafiltration Plant Submerged UF System Recycling of Rain Water Treatment

Rielli Smarty simple, affordable, effective and innovative Ultrafiltration Ideal solution for low-budgeted applications.

With Smarty, it is possible to implement projects where the conventional UF technique was deemed to be expensive

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Rielli Smarty Features :

• Ideal for recovery of filter backwash waters and grey water treatment projects.
• It does not require automation panel and control equipment.
• Filtering, flush, backwash and etc. are carried out with the automation valve
• Easy to program.
• All cycles and periods can be programmed by the operator.
• No need for backwash pump.
• High performance in low pressures compared to counterparts.
• Best-in-class precise filtering range with 0.01 microns of pore size.
• Ideal for low-budget applications.
• Can be used in flow rates up to 4m3/h. Parallel connection is possible for greater flow rates.

Rielli is the business unit of Kazancı