Ultrafiltration Plant
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Ultrafiltration Plants

Rielli Ultrafiltration planst effectively remove all suspended matter from water. With their 0,01 micron pore size, Rielli Ultrafiltration modules operate at he dge of ultrafiltration to nanofiltration. For more information

Because of this pore size all suspended matter including viruses are filtered. In spite of this very fine filtration, thanks to the technology used, the operating pressure and need of chemical cleaning of Rielli UF modules is relatively lower when compared to its competitors . As well as providing very fine filtered water, Rielli UF plants are mainly used in RO pre-filtration, filter backwash recovery, cooling water recovery and similar applications. Like all our plants, Rielli ultrafiltration plants are designed by the aid of dedicated design software, but still mainly depending on our engineers creativity and intelligence. While the software calculating all possibilities guides us to design for the best suitable device in terms of investment and operation expenses, it is our engineers experience that allows us to design the perfect fit for your project.

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