Ultrafiltration Membrane

Operating under positive pressure, Rielli ultrafiltration plants are used for treatment of particles including sediments,turbidity and SS (suspended solids) down to 0.01 micron-level (Best-in-class precise filtering range). This feature retains microorganisms and viruses so that Rielli ultrafiltration systems are widely used for pre-reverse osmosis process and post waste water treatment.Rielli ultrafiltration plants can be manufactured on skid or in containerized.

Rielli ultrafiltration plants are usually used for the following applications :

• Treatment of waters requiring precise filtering
• Treatment of waters such as surface waters containing particles so small that cannot be separated by conventional filters.
• As an alternative to cartridge filters as pre-treatment before reverse osmosis
• Using less water conditioning chemicals for SS removal in open-closed water circuits
• Industrial solid-liquid separation processes
• Recovery of waste waters
• Recovery of filter backwash waters
• As an alternative technology to UV as it removes even viruses from the water.
• To provide drinking water in case of disasters or in field conditions

Superior features of Rielli ultrafiltration systems are :

• High treatment efficiency
• Treated water free from bacteria and viruses
• Flexible, multi-purpose design
• Affordable investment costs
• More savings in operational costs compared to counterparts

Rielli ultrafiltration plans plants are designed by our engineers using dedicated software and considering the requirements of the user, including parameters in raw water analysis, required treated water flow and quality, recycling possibilities and etc. While the software calculating all possibilities, guides us to design the best suitable device in terms of investment and operation expenses; it is our engineers' experience that allows us to design the perfect fit for your project.

As in all treatment processes, especially in reverse osmosis plants, we are aware of the importance of understanding correctly the users’ needs and therefore suggesting them the best suitable solution for their investment and operation needs. When we offer a Rielli ultrafiltration plant to our clients, it is our principle to ensure that the water produced has the same quality during the entire service life of the plant and the operating costs are kept lower than the alternatives

Product Code LH3-0650-V LH3-1060-V
Number of membrane in the module (quantity) 3100 9100
Total membrane area 11 m2 40 m2
Nominal flow rate >= 4 m3 / h >= 15 m3 / h
Basis flow rate to be used in the design according to surface water 0,55 - 0,83 m3 / h 2 - 3 m3 /h
Turbidity in treated water < 0,1 ntu < 0,1 ntu
Membrane material Sentetic PVC Sentetic PVC
Membrane inner/outer diameter 1 mm / 1,6 mm 1 mm / 1,6 mm
Filtered molecule weight 50.000 Dalton 50.000 Dalton
Operation method İçten dışa İçten dışa
Combination material Epoksi Epoksi
Module Dimensions (mm) 187 x 1398,50 277 x 1713,50

Ultrafiltration Membrane Design and Operating Data

Operation Method
Recommended pressure over membrane 0.04 - 0.08 MPa (5.8 - 11.6 psi)
Minimum feeding pressure 0.3 MPa (43.5 psi)
Minimum feeding pressure on membrane 0.2 MPa (29 psi)
Minimum pressure over membrane for reverse osmos 0,15 MPa (21.8 psi)
Operation temperature 5 - 38 C (41 - 100 F)
pH range 2 - 13
Minimum chlorine resistance 500 ppm
Minimum H2O2 resistance 200 ppm
Minimum water intake turbidity 200 NTU