Rielli Tandem Softeners

Tandem Softeners are especially used in processes requiring 24/7 soft water, but in some cases, they are also chosen because of providing lower investment and/or operational costs than the single systems.

Rielli Tandem (Dubleks) Su Yumuşatma Üniteleri :

The system consists of two resin columns. Service and regeneration stages are done in turn by each column. As one of the columns is in service the other one makes the regeneration of the resin and so 7/24 soft water is provided.

Our engineers working with our dedicated design software evaluate all alternatives in terms of more affordable investment or operation costs to offer you a tandem system if needed.

The system is mostly used in preventing heat loss in steam tanks, increasing the quality of textile and paint sectors, extending the life of building installations and etc.

Designing a softening system, our engineers consider not only the water hardness but also all parameters for accurate and optimum operation costs, as well as affordable operation of the system. Not only in the first investment, but also all costs during its service life (calculating salt consumption and operational costs) are calculated and considered in details. To that end, using our dedicated software, we evaluate the alternatives in investment and operation stages and based on our software determine the best solution suitable for your needs.

Our engineers use Rielli resin with high ion exchange capacity, long service life and high physical resistance in our Rielli softening units in order to realize the design in the best possible way.