Single Column Softeners

Water softening systems are one of the most sophisticated technologies used for the removal of Ca and Mg minerals from water.These cause the calcareous (hardness) in the water.

Rielli water softening systems are fully automated systems without any intervention during the day with the automation valves on them

The minerals that give water hardness over time cause a lot of damage by accumulating in your installation and your machines. This will cause your machines and equipment to become unusable.

Infrastructure and machines can be protected with water softening systems at the small cost. This way, much larger problems and costs can be avoided in the future.

They act as time, flow control or tandem systems according to the needs of our customers.

Thanks to these functional features, Rielli water softening systems keep operating costs (salt consumption, electricity costs, etc.) at the lowest level.

Rielli Water Treatment; It is an environmental company that has been operating since 1998. The experience and experience we have gained through thousands of water softening systems we have produced so far makes us different in every kind of water and every kind of work.

Thanks to the exports we have made to 28 countries, it has enabled us to accumulate a great amount of knowledge by purifying the water resources at various points in the world.

Rielli technical teams are also committed to being at your side

Rielli Water Softening Plants:

Rielli engineers not only prepare the water hardness but also the special design, taking into consideration all the parameters that have to be taken into account for the correct operation of a softening unit.

Our engineers; The Rielli water softening system enables the systems to operate most efficiently by using long-life, high-strength Rielli resins with high ion exchange capacity.

The average lifetime of Rielli water softening resins is 5 years, which can vary depending on the content of the feed water

Rielli Water Softening Systems; Boiler rooms, laundry rooms, hotels, factories, public areas, etc. many areas are used.