Demineralization Plant

Rielli demineralization plants operate based on the ion exchange principle and remove the dissolved ions from the water. First, a cationic resin is used to remove cations followed by an anionic resin column to remove anions. When the resins’ ion exchange capacities are filled the plant regenerates itself by washing the cationic column with acid the anionic column with base.

Demineralization systems can be easily used in every process requiring pure water (labs, dialysis units, glass plants, pharmaceutical plants, surface covering plants, cosmetics plants etc.)

Rielli demineralization plants are designed by our engineers using dedicated software and considering the requirements of the user, including parameters in raw water analysis, required treated water flow and quality, recycling possibilities and etc. While the software calculating all possibilities, guides us to design the best suitable plant in terms of investment and operation expenses; it is our engineers' experience that allows is to design the perfect fit for your project.

As in all treatment processes, especially in demineralization plants, we are aware of the importance of understanding correctly the users’ needs and therefore suggesting them the best suitable solution for their investment and operation needs. When we offer a Rielli ultrafiltration plant to our clients, it is our principle to ensure that the water produced has the same quality during the entire service life of the plant and the operating costs are kept lower than the alternatives.