Well Water Treatment Systems

Reverse osmosis; Is a purification system using special permeable membranes with a pore size of 0.1 nanometers.

It is used especially in desalting and similar purification processes by purifying from dissolved ions in water. With this feature, it is the most effective and economical method for the purification of sea water and salt well water

Although wells and artesian waters are considered healthy, it is necessary to treat them for the use of well water, which is influenced by other bacteria and environmental factors in these wells.Our system that prevents wells and artesian waters from being harmful and unusable to human health after environmental factors ensures that you get the purest and cleanest water of the well water. It is the systems that bring the values of water or drinking water to the values of undesirable parameters in wells and artesian waters or standards (bacteriological pollution, sediment, turbidity, high amount of lime (hard water), high conductivity value etc.). These values will make it easier for you to provide your desired point of shot and quality service.

Rielli Reverse Osmosis Well Water Treatment Units:

All Rielli Reverse Osmosis (reverse osmosis) well water treatment units are designed and engineered with special software in the computer environment.

Every step from analysis of your well water to the design of the device from the selection of the appropriate membrane according to your need is computer aided.

The software that calculates all the parameters ensures that the most suitable device can be projected in terms of both investment and operating expenses. In this regard, we are preparing a system for both your pocket and your needs.

Rielli Well water and artesian water reverse osmosis systems have 95-99% removal efficiency of dissolved ions in the water using membrane technology. In this way, pure water can be obtained from any kind of water in your hand.

The Rielli reverse osmosis well water treatment systems, which are kneaded with every step of the experience, reduce your operating expenses with long life and low energy consumption resulting from the part quality.