Rielli Blue Line Reverse Osmosis Plants

Rielli Blue Line reverse osmosis plants not only outstand with their high quality components and craftsmanship but they are also recognized by their ergonomic design and stylish look. The use of Blue Line plants diversifies from simple small scale commercial applications to desalination of seawater in larger volumes.

Standart Specifications and Components

. Reliable, long lasting high pressure pump
. SS 304 stainless steel skid
. GRP membrane housing
. Flexible nylon piping with quick couplings and PVC piping for larger sizes
. 10" single stage protection filter Optional 20” or multistage filtration
. Manual pressure regulator valve on drain line.
. Low pressure and high pressure line pressure control and switches
. Flowmeters for raw water and product water lines
. Pressure gauges before RO membranes and before drain line regulator valve
. Optional pressure gauge before protection filter.
. Online conductivity meter on permeate line.
. Operated by made in EU RO controller
. Optional antiscalant dosing pump

Feed Water Limits

. 2 to 5 bars feed pressure
. Feed water temp in 15 C and pH 6 to 8
. Max silica 25 ppm
. Max iron 0,005 ppm (With optional antiscalant dosing 0,2 ppm can be accepted)
. SDI < 3, turbidity (NTU < 1)
. Hydrogen sulfur, oil, grease, microbiologic pollution are not allowed