Grey Water Recovery

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• Save 40% of water bill
• Use in reservoirs, irrigation etc.
• Investment costs amounted in 12-16 months
• Low energy consumption with advanced membrane technology
• Easy operation and maintenance

Grey Water and Ultrafiltration Technology

The faucet-free water from washbasins, bathrooms and showers is called grey water. Gray water accounts for about 40% of the daily water consumption per capita. The most distinctive feature that distinguishes grey water from black water (foseptic) is that it can be treated with less cost because of the low pollution load. Ultrafiltration technology is the most effective treatment method for grey water treatment and recovery. Ultrafiltration purified water complies with UN regulations and meets DIN 19650 standards.

Places Where Gray Water Recycling Plants Are Applied

The use of grey water is popular for public housing projects, business centres, villas, residences, hotels, shopping malls, factories, airports and student dormitories. Gray water recycling systems are especially found in buildings that feature "Green Building". The urban renewal projects that have recently become widespread, as well as the renovated buildings, attach importance to the grey water recycling systems on an individual basis. The grey water recycling system can be easily adapted to new buildings as well as existing buildings.

Design and Operation Mode

The grey water recycling system is primarily used to separate wastewater from the washbasin, shower and bath, separate from the waste water line, and is collected and sent to the grey water recovery system. The settlement of the grey water recovery system is generally determined at the lowest levels of the structures such that the grey water can come into its own attraction. If there are more than one blocks in the project, a separate grey water recycling system can be installed for each block or a single common system can be installed. Gray waters are purified by ultrafiltration technology, MBR immersion type membrane filtration method or pressure type membrane filtration method. In this technique, the grey waters are passed through a filter cloth having a pore size of 0.02 microns. When all the solid materials of this size are retained in the wastewater, almost no solids and microorganism-free water are recovered. It is important that the diameters of the pores of the membranes used are of a size that will prevent the entry of bacteria and viruses. The 0.02-micron membrane pore diameter is still the smallest pore diameter in such products. The water which lower than the BOI load 5 mg/lt is obtained.

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Our Technology

The Rielli Gray Water Recovery Facility offers the most efficient MBR grey water recovery process.It has a high purification efficiency with the smallest pore diameter in the market. Advanced membrane technology provides low energy consumption and TMB. Drinking water has NSF eligibility certificate. It's easy to operate thanks to the long time interval between chemical wash cycles. Membrane fibers with patented design against breakage have a longer life than their counterparts.

Parameter Unit Permeate
BOI5 mg / lt < 5
KOI mg / lt < 30
T-N mg N / lt < 5
AKM mg / lt < 1
E.coli 1 / 100 ml 0
Salmonella 1 / 100 ml 0
Streptococcus 1 / 100 ml 0
Total coliform 1 / 100 ml 0
Virus and bacteria treatment % 99,99