Active Carbon Filter

The activated carbon filter picks up dissolved organic compounds and chlorine in the water. It helps to regulate odor, color and taste in water.

Unlike the sand filter, it absorbs the substances in the water like a sponge and reaches saturation with time.

It is necessary to change the carbon mineral at certain intervals. Rielli activated carbon filters are long lasting and durable, so their lifetime is much longer than their counterparts.

The most important factor determining the carbon filter's performance is the quality of the activated carbon the correct design and sizing of the filter by an experienced engineer.

This allows our customers to go through mineral changes at longer intervals. Operating costs are low because they do not need external factors such as high pressure.

Projects prepared by Rielli's expert engineers after business visits and water analyzes allow you to establish a system to get the water you need. The preparation of the system is as important as the parts used in the system. The quality of Rielli carbon mineral and of the filter is high.

Our after-sales support team will periodically take care of you and assist you with the exchange of your carbon minerals.